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2013: Bishop Edward King Chapel, Oxfordshire

Type: Place of worship
Architect: Niall McLaughlin
Location: Wheatley Rd, Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire OX44 9EX

The Bishop Edward King Chapel is an exquisitely crafted building that follows a great tradition in light and geometry. Built for Ripon Theological College and a small resident community of nuns, the elliptical chapel’s exterior wall is of Clipsham stone set in dogtooth style. Inside, a delicate ship-like structure of latticed woodwork draws the eye to dappled light from the surrounding trees.

Niall McLaughlin melds client needs and contemporary technology in a seamless way giving a strong sense of identity and pride to its community and place. He is a rare breed, a research practitioner, and the chapel the result of a rigorous and lyrical research process.

by Flora Samuel