The Twentieth Century Society

C20 Architects

  • Herbert Rowse

    Paperback, 176 pages
    PRICE: £30.00
    ISBN: 9781848022737

    By Iain Jackson, Simon Pepper, Peter Richmond Herbert James Rowse (1887–1963) was an extraordinary architect who shaped the city… More…

  • Alison and Peter Smithson

    Format 240 x 167 mm, 144pp, 105 illustrations, published June 2018
    PRICE: £30
    ISBN: 9781848023529

    By Mark Crinson This is the first overview of the career of Alison and Peter Smithson, the most controversial… More…

  • Arup Associates

    Format 234 x 167 mm, 196pp, 100 illustrations, published 2018
    PRICE: £30
    ISBN: 9781848023673

    By Kenneth Powell Arup Associates, a major presence on the British architectural scene for more than half a century,… More…

  • Howell Killick Partridge & Amis

    Format 234 x 167 mm, 236pp, 144 illustrations, published 2017
    PRICE: £30
    ISBN: 978-1-8480227-5-1

    By Geraint Franklin Howell Killick Partridge & Amis (HKPA) was established in 1959 by four young architects who worked… More…

  • Frederick Gibberd

    Format 234 x 167 mm, 160pp, 114 illustrations, published October 2017
    PRICE: £30
    ISBN: 9781848022737

    By Christine Hui Lan Manley This book gives, for the first time, a comprehensive account of the works of… More…

  • Wells Coates

    Format 234x167mm, 160pp, 120 illustrations, published 2012
    PRICE: £20
    ISBN: 978-1-8594643-7-3

    By Elizabeth Darling Wells Coates was one of the most significant figures in British Architectural Modernism and designer of… More…

  • John Madin

    Format 234x167mm, 160pp, 120 illustrations, published 2011
    PRICE: £20.00
    ISBN: 9781859463673

    By Alan Clawley John Madin was the indisputable master of post-war architecture in Birmingham, and this is the first major… More…

  • Ahrends, Burton and Koralek

    Format 234x167mm, 152pp, colour cover, published 2012
    PRICE: £20
    ISBN: 978-1-8594616-6-2

    By Kenneth Powell Ahrends, Burton and Koralek (ABK) was established in London in 1961 by three young AA graduates,… More…

  • Robert Maguire & Keith Murray

    Format 234x167mm, 224pp, colour cover, published 2012
    PRICE: £20
    ISBN: 978-1-8594616-5-5

    By Gerald Adler Robert Maguire was still a student at the Architectural Association in London in the early 1950s… More…

  • Stephen Dykes Bower

    Format 234x167mm, 204pp, colour cover, published 2011
    PRICE: £20
    ISBN: 978-1-8594639-8-7

    By Anthony Symondson. Stephen Dykes Bower (1903-1994) was unique among twentieth century British architects as a sincere practitioner of… More…

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