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Park Gate, Hove by Bobbie Dawson
Park Gate, Hove by Bobbie Dawson
Park Gate, Hove by Bobbie Dawson
Furze Croft, Hove by Bobbie Dawson
Freemasons Restaurant, Hove by Bobbie Dawson
4, Grand Avenue, hove by Bobbie Dawson

A Report of our visit to Hove in May


  A fully packed and fascinating visit to Central Hove was led by Catherine Davey and Alan Banks. The… More…

County Hall Dorchester by M Henderson
Health Centre Dorchester by M Henderson
Dorchester Plaza Cinema by M Henderson
Brewery Square Dorchester by M Henderson

News from C20 Southern Group


Dorchester & Poundbury on 24th September 2016. Our next planned event is to be to Dorchester and Poundbury on 24th… More…

The Grade II listed Astoria, Portsmouth, formerly the Palace Picture House
Norrish Central Library, Portsmouth (1976, City Architects Dpt)

Event: July visit to Portsmouth


The next event for the C20 Southern group will be a visit to Portsmouth on Saturday 9 July. This… More…

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