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Rietveld Schroder House Photo by Ernst Moritz

100 Years of De Stijl


This year the centenary of the De Stijl movement is being celebrated in the Netherlands. We are marking this with trip to visit buildings in the De Stijl and functionalist styles and see a major exhibition about De Stijl at the Gemeentemuseum in the Hague. The trip will take place from the morning of Friday 8th to Sunday 10th September and will be based in Rotterdam. We will see houses by Rietveld Schroder in Utrecht, as well as work by Dudok, Berlage and van der Vlugt, and a few more modern buildings along the way.

The trip costs £295 for the three days, and includes a group dinner on the Friday night, plus the guided tours, museum entrance fees and all internal transport. The trip will be led by Susannah Charlton, with specialist guides for several of the visits. We will largely be travelling by foot or on the excellent Dutch public transport system.

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2 responses to “100 Years of De Stijl”

  1. David Griffiths says:

    Oh dear, this is the 3rd time in 8 years that C20 has arranged an attractive international trip on the Heritage Open Days weekend, when many non-London members will surely be involved in celebrating their local C20 and other heritage. Would it not be possible to get this 20-year old nationwide (outside London) festival, always on the 2nd weekend in September, firmly logged into the C20 office wallchart?

  2. Susannah says:

    So sorry about this clash.

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