The Twentieth Century Society


Please consider leaving a legacy to the Society

The Twentieth Century Society’s work of protecting Britain’s post-1914 architecture and design will never end. Leaving a legacy to the Society is leaving a legacy to this great period of our heritage.

It goes without saying that in preparing a Will the absolute priority is to ensure that the needs of your family and friends are met. However when these provisions are in place, we would be extremely grateful if you could consider the Society.

We are especially grateful for unrestricted bequests for the general benefit of the Society. This enables Trustees to allocate the funds where the needs and opportunities are greatest. For example, a legacy could help to fund an additional caseworker or undertake thematic listing of a particular building type. It might fund a campaign to help arrest the deterioration in quality of post-1914 housing through unsympathetic alterations, such as plastic windows, or support one of our annual Journals which are costly to produce. A substantial legacy would enable us to form an endowment fund to provide income to the Society in perpetuity.

Our Director, Catherine Croft or Chairman, Peter Ruback would be happy to talk to you at any time about bequests for specific or general purposes. Please telephone Catherine on 020 7250 3857 or email her on in the first instance. Peter Ruback can be contacted through the office on

By remembering the Society in your will, you can be sure that your legacy will continue to reflect your interest in and support of Britain’s post-1914 architecture and design.

What are the Inheritance Tax advantages to making a bequest to C20 Society?

Liability to Inheritance Tax depends on the value of your estate and the Inheritance Tax threshold, which is reviewed every year in the Budget. However, the C20 Society is a charity, and if 10% of an Estate is donated to charity, not only is the donation tax free, but doing so reduces the inheritance tax liability on your estate.   Instead of paying 40% inheritance tax, you pay 36% on everything over the Inheritance Tax threshold.  With the threshold currently at £325,000 for a single person.   In many parts of the country, the value of a house or flat alone is liable to make your Estate liable to Inheritance Tax.


A Personal note from Bobby Drake

I know that many members like me have much enjoyed following Casework and going on Society events over the years. But not being as swift or sure footed as in days gone by are intimations that one is indeed getting older and will not be here for ever.   I myself have made an amendment to my Will to the benefit of the Society, and it gives me great satisfaction to know that I am helping in this critical way.

After 35 years’ existence, the Twentieth Century Society needs to attract legacies, just like our fellow Amenity Societies, who have used legacies to fund extra staff posts, buy equipment and finance publications that would not otherwise have been possible. We too have been beneficiaries of generosity but, so far, on nothing like the same scale. So, whether you are a new or old member, please consider remembering the Society in your will.  All donations will be put to excellent use in support of the architecture of the C20th and will enable something of lasting benefit.

Bobby Drake joined the Society in 1981, was Events Secretary from 1988 to 1999 and served as Honorary Secretary of the Society from 2009 to 2016.