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  • 50 Architects 50 Buildings

    Format 256 x 256mm, 240 pp, over 180 photographs, published 23 June 2016
    PRICE: £30
    ISBN: 978-1-849943-42-0

    In this book, 50 leading contemporary architects choose the 50 buildings that have inspired them and made a lasting impact on their own work. Interviewed by Pamela Buxton, with specially commissioned photography by Edward Tyler and Gareth Gardner, they describe their personal reaction to inspirational buildings from housing estates to castles and coal mines to cathedrals.

    Based on the Inspiration series commissioned by architecture newspaper Building Design (bd), this book includes great work by leading architects and designers of the last century such as Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Alvar Aalto, as well as lesser-known gems such as an asylum church in Vienna and ‘Lucy’, a building in the shape of an elephant. Other examples include Richard Rogers on Maison de Verre, Ted Cullinan on the Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut at Ronchamp, and Sarah Featherstone on the Byker estate.

    By sharing the stories of encounters with buildings both great and humble, this book emphasises the importance of actually visiting buildings, and insights about the influence of the architecture of the C20th.