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Whilst much of C20’s time is spent providing support and advice to architects and planning authorities on specific individual buildings, every so often a particular issue stands out as a bigger problem – that’s when we launch one of our campaigns.

Sometimes our campaigns have centred on specific types of building, sometimes on a particular period of design. Often our campaigns need the help and support of our members to gather information and help us lobby for recognition of the merits of something previously unloved. In other cases they enable us to share our information with a wider audience to increase appreciation of the buildings and design of our period.

We hope you will share information about our campaigns using the social media links on the left to spread the word even further. We would also be grateful if you could make a donation to support C20 campaigns. Thank you for your support.

Catherine Croft
Director, C20 Society


100 Buildings 100 Years 
100 Buildings 100 Years was launched in 2014 to mark 100 years since the start of the period we cover (which begins in 1914). One building was chosen to represent each year and the project was published as a book and an exhibition was held at the Royal Academy.

War Memorials
This project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund on the anniversary of World War I, makes available information about significant war memorials that we have visited, or been a subject of our casework. It includes walking tours of London memorials and details of ones you might like to visit in France, Belgium and Italy.

The post-war years were a time of tremendous experimentation for public art, as well as architecture. Our campaign highlights some of the best examples of murals and calls for more effective protection for them.

Previous Campaigns

K8 Telephone Boxes
A campaign for the preservation of remaining examples of Kiosk 8, or K8, a design classic which was unveiled in 1968 as a modern version of the now iconic red phone box.

1970s Architecture
Academic appraisal of the architecture of the 1970s is relatively recent, and this campaign and Journal 10 The Seventies stimulated debate about buildings of this era, whose merits are often still contested.

Post Offices As part of looking at the architecture of public service, we asked members to send us details of notable C20th post office buildings.

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