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  • Journal 10: The Seventies

    255x198mm, 184pp, colour cover, Published 2012
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    ISBN: 978-0-9556687-2-2

    Edited by Elain Harwood and Alan Powers

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    As interest in post-war British architecture and society grows, the 1970s is increasingly seen as a crucial time of transition when, despite adverse economic conditions, new thinking emerged to modify the Modernist beliefs of the 1960s, incorporating greater concern for the realities of life. Wit, imagination, humility and sensitivity to people and environments helped to create more flexible approaches to the design of individual buildings and cities.

    Described by Bridget Cherry as ‘essential reading for anyone who wants to understand that decade’, this journal includes eleven essays which demonstrate the variety and suprising zest of the decade.


    Elain Harwood and Alan Powers From Downtown to Diversity: Revisiting the 1970s 

    Barnabas Calder Castles, Cows and Glasshouses: the Burrell Collection Architectural competition 

    Louis Hellman Something is Happening Here but You Don’t Know What It Is

    Catherine Croft David Rock: ‘Architecture is the Land of Green Ginger’ or ‘Form Follows Culture’ 

    Alistair Fair The End of  ’Optimism and Expansiveness’? Designing for Drama in the 1970s

    Geraint Franklin ‘White Wall Guys’: The Return of Heroic Modernism

    Roland Jeffery The Centrality of Milton Keynes 

    Hannah Parham Two Faiths: Modernism Meets Islam in London, 1969-1984 

    Simon Wartnaby An Exemplary 1970s Building: Gun Wharf, Chatham 

    Gavin Stamp Suburban Affinities 

    Ken Powell Terry Farrell, Jeremy Dixon and the Beginning of Post-Modernism in England