The Twentieth Century Society


  • Journal 3: The Twentieth Century Church

    Published 1998
    PRICE: £ out of print

    Guest Editor Roland Jeffery


    1. Sacred Architecture in a Secular Century by Gavin Stamp

    2. Unity by Inclusion: Sir Ninian Comper and the Planning of a Modern Church by Anthony Symondson

    3. Peter Anson: A Personal Memoir by Patrick Nuttgens

    4. Liturgy and Architecture: The Development of the Centralised Eucharistic Space by Elain Harwood

    5. F C Eden: Building on Tradition by Edward Hagger

    6. Buildings of endearing simplicity: The Friends Meeting Houses of Hubert Lidbetter by Eleanor Gawne

    7. Merseyside Churches in a Modern Idiom: Francis Xavier Verlade & Bernard Miller by Fiona Ward

    8. Places of Christian Worship 1914-1990: A Selection by Elain Harwood & Andrew Foster