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Listings reports

Autumn 2011

Shown below are the listings reports for Autumn 2011.


Lloyds Building, City of London; Richard Rogers Partnership, 1981–86: I

Our first attempt to get the Lloyds Building listed was dismissed but our persistence has now paid off. The list description describes Lloyds as ‘a seminal late twentieth-century building by one of Britain’s most significant modern architects’ and English Heritage’s Designation Director praised its ‘sheer splendour… dramatic scale and visual dazzle’. We are delighted and press coverage has been extensive and extremely positive.

Apollo Pavilion, Peterlee, County Durham; Victor Pasmore, 1970: II*

In DCMS’s press release, the Minister John Penrose is quoted to have commented: ‘This is a striking example of how abstract art and “brutalist” architecture can come together to make a building that is quite unique’.

Church of St Raphael the Archangel (RC), Millbrook, Stalybridge; Edward J. Massey, assisted by Alan Burton of Massey & Massey, Warrington, 1963; sculptures and ceramics by Alan Boyson; dalle de verre window by Pierre Fourmaintraux of Whitefriars Glass: II

This building was visited by the C20 NW Group, the Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society (TACS) and the Manchester Modernist Society, as part of their joint ‘Alan Boyson’ day event in June 2011.

Turned Down

Taymount Grange, Taymount Rise, Lewisham, London; George Bertram Carter, 1935

The C20 Society supported the local conservation officer’s listing application, but English Heritage did not. The building was dismissed as ‘of only moderate design quality, reflecting neither the streamlined elegance of the inter-war “Moderne” nor the radicalism of the true Modern Movement’.

In addition, EH note that ‘those features of the building and its landscape which most strongly reflected the lifestyle of its 1930s occupants – the tennis courts, the swimming pool, the ground-floor restaurant – have been altered or lost’. English Heritage’s assessment, however, puts strong emphasis on the building’s importance.

51 Campden Hill Road, Kensington, London; Leonard Manasseh, 1952–3

See the Casework report for details of this.

Norgas House, Stephenson Industrial Estate, Killingworth, North Tyneside; Ryder and Yates, 1965

A most disappointing result for one of the most fascinating buildings by Ryder and Yates. The alterations to the building were considered incompatible with the strict criteria for post-war listings.


Norgas Computer Building, Stephenson Industrial Estate, Killingworth, North Tyneside; Ryder and Yates, 1972–4:

One more negative response for another Ryder and Yates building in the Stephenson Industrial Estate. Just like Norgas House (above), English Heritage’s assessment found the building too altered and therefore falling below the high standards of the postwar listing criteria.

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London; Powell & Moya, 1982–6: COI issued

The Society opposed an application for a Certificate of Immunity on the grounds that it would be worthy and eligible for grade II listing within the five-year immunity period.

English Heritage did not, but made specific mention of the fact that the building’s ‘local designation and its extraordinary location confer a strong measure of protection’, so we hope it will not be demolished.

Put Forward

Westbourne Library (formerly Decontamination Unit), Sherrington Road, Ipswich, Suffolk; E McLaughlin (Borough Engineer), 1941

The C20 Society supported a listing application submitted by The Friends of Westbourne Library. The building was a decontamination unit during WWII and then converted to a public library. It is very close to the Grade II listed Broomhill Pool (1938). Both buildings were designed and built by E McLaughlin, the Borough Engineer, and this is clearly reflected in the same architectural approach adopted for both buildings. Although of a modest size and appearance, Westbourne Library complements Broomhill Pool and further underlines the civic character of this edge of Broomhill Park.

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