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Review: Women, Architecture and Design Itineraries across Europe / 100 works in 100 years: European Women in Architecture and Design 1918 – 2018

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Reviewed by Catherine Croft

MoMoWo is a European project based in Turin. British scholars including Elizabeth Darling, Lynne Walker and Yasmin Shariff (all currently researching the history of women architects at the AA) have taken part. The first title covers Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon and Turin, as well as Slovenia and the Netherlands. The projects included are diverse and thought-provoking, with work by several women I’d not come across before, including Portuguese designer Maria Keil (whose 1960s and 70s prismatic ceramic tile compositions still look fabulous in Lisbon’s metro stations), and Plečnik’s student and assistant Gizela Šuklje.

The second title is the catalogue of a touring exhibition. Featuring biographies as well as individual works, UK examples include Elizabeth Scott, Mary Medd, Judith Ledeboer, Jane Drew, Alison Smithson, Zaha Hadid, Amanda Levete and Eva Jiřičná are represented, as are the ceramicist Susie Cooper and the designer Ilse Crawford: I’d have argued for Lucy Rie, Laura Ashley, and Lucienne Day to join them.