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Regional groups: Southern

Matrix House, Basingstoke (photo: Pauline Mousley)
Snamprogetti House, Basingstoke (photo: B Fowler)
Temple Towers, Basingstoke (photo: Bobbie Dawson)

Visit to Basingstoke – July 2015


The C20 Southern group’s July event was a walking tour of Basingstoke – a 1960s overspill town. With Pauline… More…

Wyndham Court estate (photo © Nick Dawe)
Swaythling Methodist church, Herbert Collins
St Alban's, Swaythling, N.F. Cachemaille-Day
Uplands estate, Southampton, Herbert Collins

Visit to Southampton – March 2015


The inaugural event for the C20 Southern regional group on Saturday 7 March proved to be a day of contrasts, as we visited… More…

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