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Elain Harwood Memorial Fund

Elain Harwood (1958-2023)

Image: Daniel Hambury

The Elain Harwood Memorial Fund has been created by the Twentieth Century Society (C20), to ensure that Elain’s invaluable contribution to the safeguarding of Britain’s remarkable modern architecture and design lives on.

The Fund will help secure the long-term future of our vital casework and campaigns, while offering new opportunities to young people passionate about heritage.

By donating to this Fund in Elain’s memory you will be supporting her legacy, enabling C20 to continue her extraordinary work, and to encourage new generations to follow in Elain’s footsteps.

About Elain

The historian Elain Harwood (1958-2023) was an unrivalled force in the appreciation and preservation of 20th century architecture in Britain.  Her life’s work achieved more than any other individual in advancing the study of our shared post-war heritage.

Elain had a gift for conveying the history, character and significance of a building in the most engaging and accessible terms. She was a passionate presenter and unfailingly generous with her knowledge, supporting and inspiring both professional scholars and amateur enthusiasts alike.

She was the heartbeat of the Society for so many decades and remained at the very centre of our work until the end; vigorously leading tours in the UK and abroad, writing and editing books, and organising innovative lectures and conferences.


Why your support matters

The Elain Harwood Memorial Fund will directly support two key areas of C20’s work:


Day-to-day casework is at the heart of the Society’s role. Our small team of experts tackle thousands of at-risk cases each year, while securing listed status for outstanding buildings and public art. Meanwhile our campaigns lead the debate on the built-heritage of tomorrow, advancing environmental arguments and championing grassroots activism.  Elain’s Memorial Fund will help us to identify and save more of the special places we all love – from Art Deco cinemas to modernist lidos, mid-century schools to brutalist housing.

Training and talent development

Over many years, the Society is proud to have helped nurture the next generation of talent in heritage and conservation, with many of our former caseworkers going on to fill senior roles across the sector.

To commemorate Elain, we will use a use a portion of the funds raised in the next year, to establish a new casework internship for a young person at the start of their career.


How to give

Please donate to the Elain Harwood Memorial Fund to help support her legacy.

You can contribute in the following ways: