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Campaigning for outstanding buildings


At heart, we’re a campaigning organisation and when necessary we can activate our experts, members and supporters to highlight and resolve urgent preservation challenges.

This involves much more than C20 Society experts making a polite yet compelling case for an outstanding building or design to be saved or listed. We also need to make lots of ‘noise’, to ensure enough people, including influential people, understand why it’s important to act decisively.

Most of us are barraged by information 24/7, so we need to make sure our campaign messages stand out across all media – from social media posts to strong letters to the papers and local MPs. The more noise we make, the bigger impact we can have.

How do we know our ‘mass action’ campaigning works? The evidence is all around us in the irreplaceable buildings and design we’ve saved. These include the Art Deco Rex Cinema in Berkhamsted, the brutalist Preston Bus Station and the high-tech Plymouth Western Morning News headquarters, all listed after successful C20 campaigns.

Catherine Croft Director, C20 Society

How to save a building

Don’t know where to start? We can help you discover many ways to help save historical buildings.

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Landmark Campaigns

Volunteer your talent

Use your spare time and talents to help us as a valued C20 Society volunteer.

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