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My Parent the Architect lecture series (Spring 2015)

Short interviews with the children of architects including Raymond Erith, Geoffry Powell and Sir Leslie Martin.

The children of seven architects talked about their parents in our spring lecture series, which was sponsored by ACE, the Association of Cultural Exchange. All the lectures were recorded and will be made available here and on our on our new YouTube channel.

Kit Martin on his parents Leslie Martin & Sadie Speight (and see below for a short interview with Kit Martin by Alan Powers).
Lucy Archer on her father, Raymond Erith, who rebuilt 10 & 11 Downing Street after the war.
Peter Pace on his father, church architect George Pace.

Before giving talks in our Spring lecture series, some of the speakers gave short interviews about their parents.

Martin Goalen talks to Alan Powers about his father, church architect Gerard Goalen.
Kit Martin talks to Alan Powers about his parents Sir Leslie Martin and Sadie Speight.
Lucy Archer talking to Alan Powers about her father Raymond Erith.