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massive fox

I love the massive fox perched on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall—it’s apparently part of the Festival of Britain anniversary celebrations, and I was assuming it was a reference to these creatures: the Straw Lion and Unicorn designed by a team from the Royal College of Art and made by Fred Mizen, a craftsman of Great Bardfield, for 1951 exhibition.   It seems not intentinally so though….its just a fox—  and “it brings the rural and urban together in a playful way” says the press release. 

It’s by Mike de Butts & Alex Geldenhuys of Pirate Technics–who make things to go up in flames…so presumably that’s the fox’s fate….does anyone know when?  or anymore about the project?….certainly shows yet again what a great set of buildings the South Bank centre is—constantly providing amazing venues for ever changing things.  seems a very different construction method to 1951….. 

here’s the fox…..


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