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Neo-georgian excursion

Temple Dinsley in Preston was extended by Lutyens in 1908, adding extensive wings to the Queen Anne nucleus of the house (1712). Now a particularly bucolic school, it was one of the splendid visits on the C20 Neo-Georgian excursion led by Alan Powers and David Davidson, following a conference on the subject, organised by Elizabeth McKellar and Julian Holder.

Although not one of his most famous buildings, Temple Dinsley is important for understanding Lutyens and the Neo-Georgian as “one can see Lutyens playing his self-conscious game of architecture against a more passive background” (to quote Alan’s notes). The photograph is my poor imitation of the famous Country Life view – now somewhat obscured by trees.

Another little-known destination that day was the Iain Hamilton Finlay Improvement Garden (1986-91) in Stockwood Park in Luton, yes, Luton! Don’t let the odd name put you off – this is really worth a visit. Hats off to Luton BC for commissioning IHF and maintaining such a pleasing and well-used garden. Has a good caff too!


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