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Here’s my round up of relevent items in this weeks AJand BD

On page 3 of BD it’s C20 itself making the news: “Minister accused of letting localism influence listings” runs the headline and the article quotes our Caseworker John Wright saying that John Penrose “isn’t listing the stuff that could potentially be controversial or get in the way of local planning” –it then refers back to Ronan Moore’s Observer article last Sunday—excellent coverage for an issue that is causing us lots of concern right now. UNESCO advisers are expected to turn down proposals to make 19 Corbusier buildings in various countries worldwide into World Heritage Sites. The Committee will meet between 19th and 29th of June—we will monitor this and ask ICOMOS here for feedback from the meeting. Patricia Tindale, ex chief architect at the DOE’s death at 95 was reported and Amanda Bailleu wrote an appreciation on the BD blog, we will think about commissioning an obituary for the Magazine—did any readers work with her? Letters page architect Richard Evans says that visiting Broadgate Coventry as a child was “one of the experiences that made me want to be an architect”, and calls for the demolition of remaining elements of the disfiguring later alterations. It’s great to see this building becoming popular again, and to see it being put back to nearer how it was originally. Paul Monaghan picks Liverpool RC Cathedral (1967)as a building which has inspired him (this is the latest in a great series whereby Pamela Buxton travels with architects to see and discuss a building they pick—many are C20 choices), and recalls the impact it made on him as a schoolboy: “here was this beautiful building, seeming to emerge up out of the grime, so full of light, art and sculpture” The photographs show the new visitor facilities beside the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, which C20 opposed. Monaghan says “the rear of the Cathedral….feels a touch neglected”, and suggests a design competition. Archive reminds us of the John Simpson/Chapman Taylor scheme for the site where we now have Foster and Partners More London—it was an amazing reworking of St Mark’s Square in Venice, complete with Campanile—shows just how fast architectural fashions change. Finally on the back page Terry Farrell in “Life Class” avoided giving a straight answer to “what is your best project” (answering “TVAM was certainly the most fun”), and says he would like to live in an early Lutyens house and illiminate VAT on altering buildings. Early Farrell certainly needs assessment for listing soon. And in the Architects’ Journal The AJ has photos of a Victoria sponge version of BDP’s 1975 Halifax Headquarters, as served at the architectural practice’s -50th birthday party— and there is a review of the celebratory exhibition and book to mark the anniversary. There is an anecdote about founder George Grenfell Baines’s pride on meeting Gropius at Harvard and being told “you have done what I would have done at Dessau”. Cake looks surprisingly realistic and quite edible when sliced. The letter’s page has a message from our Chairman Alan Powers about this coming weekend’s C20 tour of Stirling buildings, thanks for telling people about this AJ. And the review by Andrew Mead of the Max Bill exhibition at Annely Judd Gallery reminds me of the excellent painting by Bill in the collection of our President Trevor Dannett, who is a great admirer.


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