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Long live Plymouth

Good to see Kevin McCloud defending the C20 jewel that is Plymouth City Centre in the Telegraph today, (Protect the beauty of Plymouth says TV Star, p4). We have long fought for recognition for the best post-war planned city in England. Le Havre, also a post-war planned city, designed with Auguste Perret at the helm, is a UNESCO World Heritage site whilst Plymouth City Council refuse to designate their extraordinary buildings and spaces as a conservation area.

We’ve got a public walk coming up on 9th July, led by the author of a new book on Plymouth, Jeremy Gould and we’ll be hoping to continue to win hearts and minds about what a special place Plymouth is.

A great new website celebrating the city’s C20 heritage can be found here – :

Oh, and here’s a picture of Plymouth’s Council Chamber – almost makes you want to become a politician….


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