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Listing of Hallfield Estate

The 14 seperate blocks and the laundry building at the Hallfield Estate have all been listed Grade II this morning. English Heritage give the following reasons:

The fourteen blocks and laundry at Hallfield Estate are listed at Grade II for the following principal reasons:
* Architectural interest: a sophisticated and distinctive aesthetic approach to social housing, whereby the
facades are treated like works of abstract art;
* Planning: the estate fulfilled its brief to provide mass housing and open space in a crowded urban
borough, in a plan inspired by Le Corbusier’s ‘Radiant City’
* Authorship: designed by Berthold Lubetkin and Tecton, and constructed under the supervision of Lindsay
Drake and Denys Lasdun, the estate is the work of some of the C20’s most significant architects;
* Historic interest: a seminal post-war housing estate that was widely exhibited and published, and
provoked divergent contemporary responses which illuminate post-war architectural theory.
* Group value: with Hallfield School


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