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Utopia London

Go and see Tom Cordell’s film tomorrow if you can…. details below.

Utopia London  at Open City Festival at UCL (University College London)
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT
 020 7679 2000
5.30pm | 17th June | Screen 1 (82″) CANON BEST EMERGING DIRECTOR, UK BUY TICKET
Today, London’s architectural icons are banks and office blocks that radiate their wealth. But there was once a group of idealistic architects who wanted to shape an egalitarian society through a concrete utopia. Now many of their buildings are being left to decay or are slated for demolition, but they remain extraordinary testaments to an attempt to an idealistic if controversial attempt to change the way people lived in our city.

Panel Discussion with the Director and
Zoe Slade, featured in the film

Dr Victor Buchli, Reader in Material Culture at UCL

Sean Macintosh, Architect


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