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Post Modernism at V and A

New  show at V and A makes me realise what a post modern-infused architectual education I had—both in college and out.  It took me back to feeling dwarfed on holiday by a side trip to Bofill’s Espaces d’Abraxas…. hearing Nigel Coates lecture about heaps of discarded handbags at the AA….  studying Rome with Peter Carl from the Nolli Plan…. going to see Ron Arad behind Camden High Street, taking my own US roadside photos on the Delaware strip (not quite the same as Las Vegas)….

Somehow failed to ever watch Blade Runner though…so I’ve ordered the DVD

Here is vintage Ron Arad in my favourite material:








and here’s the Bofill—-and yes they do make a coherent narrative out of it all—plus Talking Heads and loads more….  still can’t take the furniture though.




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