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cheap arco floor lamp anyone?

So I read that Samantha Cameron has bought a “replica” Arco Floor Lamp — designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962 and still in production by its original manufacturers.   But Mrs C has not gone for the genuine article, hers is what it’s on-line retailers call a “replica” , where as the Guardian refers to it as a “rip-off”, and Elle Deco’s editor has called  Mrs C “cheap,hypocritical and fake”  for chosing it.   So has anyone got one?  is it any good?  the website says it “looks and feels as good as the original. The square profile of the curved arc cleverly hides the cabling to the bulb and is adjustable for reach and shade height. This is the same as the original 1960’s design and not like many of the replica Arco style lamps currently on sale, which have a round tubular arc.”….  so there!  I feel I should be sticking up for original authenticity, but I am more interested in the fact that we now have Tory priminister’s wife who would rather  have a 60s design icon than a bit of Chippendale, and as I gather the “rip off” was done legally….   what I want to know is—is this really a bargin?  or does it look cheap?  I’ve always rather fancied one of these.   Should we all buy now?????



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