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A new era for Preston Bus Station: Council’s u-turn adopts C20 Society’s long-held position for retention and re-use

Prreston Bus StationIn a dramatic u-turn last week, Preston City Council Leader Peter Rankin adopted the Society’s long-held position that Preston Bus Station should be saved and re-used as part of the city’s regeneration scheme. We are of course delighted that, at long last, our efforts are gaining some recognition and, with WMF’s support, the building is now seen as part of, rather than an obstacle to, the city’s future. We hope our call for an international architectural competition will also be taken up and offer Preston a viable, imaginative proposal.         Our position in last week’s Architects’ Journal, that ‘with due care and imagination, [PBS] can continue serving Preston and adding to the city’s personality for many years to come’, is virtually copied in the Council’s admission that ‘with thought, creativity and money, we could do wonders with the bus station’. Perhaps the Council has now joined the Society – maybe as benefactor? As a membership charity (the youngest of the seven English national amenity societies), we can certainly use all the support we can get!


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