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Rare survival of Leonard Manasseh domestic architecture under threat!

51 Campden Hill Road (front elevation, August 2011)A small house in Kensington, London (51 Campden51 Campden Hill Road (front elevation, November 2011) Hill Road, right behind the Town Hall), designed and built by Leonard Manasseh in 1954 for one of his cousins, is currently threatened by demolition. Clearly modern, yet also subtly contextual, the house is a rare survival and features in the recent monograph by Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin that is part of the fantastic new series on Twentieth Century Architects, co-published by the RIBA, English Heritage and the Society.     The building is in a Conservation Area and a listing application is currently under consideration by English Heritage. The Society also strongly believes that the special architectural character of the house undoubtedly makes this a heritage asset – whether designated or non-designated. Sadly, none of these factors seem to have stopped its owners from demolishing its front porch and removing its internal staircase – both features of special interest.         The fight to save this little gem is still on, since the latest planning applications proposing total demolition of the building are still pending consideration and public consultation is still open…..


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