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Leonard Manasseh rare house under imminent threat!

51 Campden Hill Road (August 2011)51 Campden Hill Road (front elevation, November 2011)

Devastated to receive English Heritage’s decision not to list this very exceptional house. Sadly, EH’s decision is justified and also highlights the consequences of lack of interim protection: EH were unable to list the building because the internal staircase – a key feature – was removed AFTER the spot-listing application was submitted. The Society has repeatedly shouted that, even if the house remains nondesignated, it is undoubtedly a heritage asset and, therefore, under current policy a material consideration for the Local Planning Authority (PPS5, HE8.1). EH’s thorough assessment and report have strongly confirmed our position – both as regards the special architectural interest of the building in its own right and as regards its positive contribution to a Conservation Area. We understand the Council are to make a decision tomorrow and have written to them again – for the third time so far!


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