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Amused to read the following in one of the vintage (sadly no date visible) Habitat catalogues on show at the Terence Conran exhibition at the Design Museum:

“Choosing an architect who is also a close friend is like teaching your wife or husband to drive.  Chances of success are dicier.  At least that’s what architects say.”   (Contacting the RIBA is recommended instead).

 I also liked the letter reporting back on the opening of the Conran Shop in NYC, apparently “Margaret Jay, wife of our new Ambassador in Washington was the principle [sic]  guest … a bright, articulate, goodlooking lady” according to Conran’s John Stephenson.

Also lots of great textiles, one illustrated in the Architectural Review October 1952 has a caption which describes it as  “composed of shapes reminsceint of block plans of modern buildings”  —it set me fantasising– they would be pretty weird buildngs.

And Iove the early Habitat graphics–there is a great stiched paper sack version of this little one, and I’m wishing I’d noted down the designer.  


The exhition runs until March 4th 2012 and is well worth a visit, although it feels more like a celebration than an objective analysis of Conran’s undoutabely vast influence on British design, in our homes and beyond. 



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