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“Brutalism is back, we have learned to love concrete chic” says Guardian

G2’s coverage of the story today that  Arthur Scargill doesn’t  want to give up his flat in the Barbican is full of full-on appreciation of the charms of the Estate and what a great place it is to live in.     Disappointingly I’ve never been invited round by Mr Scargill, and so sadly I can’t tell you exactly which type of flat he has (but a few miutues idle googling suggests it’s  a 3-bed and in a tower, so I guess it’s this sort of thing… –very nice.   I wouldn’t mind one of those myself and it would be very convenient for the office!)

One fascintaing fact is that when Scargill joined the NUM it had  170,000 members, now it’s down to  2,000 which is about the same as C20–no wonder they don’t want to carry on picking up the £34,000 per year rent.

(For some reason my photo has made the gorgeous towers look squat….  sorry about that)




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