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Routemaster heads south…

Last weekend saw a Routemaster loaded up with all sorts of drawing materials and keen artists heading out from Stockwell Bus Garage to draw C20 architecture across South London– with me as architectural guide for the day.   Favorite stops included St John’s Church Lorrimore Square, with its zig-zag folded green copper roof, and Giles Gilbert Scott’s Salvation Army HQ on Denmark Hill.     The trip was part of the All Aboard for Stockwell project, organised by Our Hut (see latest C20 Magazine for details).  Last month they had a cake in the shape of the bus garage—extremely tasty….  I’ll post a picture for skeptics out there…..

Thanks to Our Hut and to our great Driver and Conductor team, Colin and Paul.   (Paul did excellent guard duty making sure no one fell off the back platform….)


(SUSANNA–be great if you could fix my photo so Paul’s head is not chopped off!)


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