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George Finch architect has died

I am sad to hear of the death of George Finch, architect of many great buildings in Lambeth (and beyond).   Some of them I had admired for years before I knew who had designed them (his best, Lambeth Towers, opposite the Imperial War Museum, was completed in 1968 and was a highlight on my bus journey when I worked at English Heritage).   They are now just beginning to get the recognition they deserve, after being out of fashion for several decades.  Our Trustee Elain Harwood has written an excellent obituary of George here.

Last summer I sat with George and members of Docomomo (who had organised a trip to many of his best buildings and invited him al0ng), in the park opposite Lambeth Towers.   It was a real treat to hear him talk about the individual projects and the climate of architectural thought that had brought them into being.   We are hoping that the vibrant and innovative Brixton Recreation Centre (fabulous pool, amazing atrium) will be listed and restored.   George was a talented and charismatic man.


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