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Lock Woven Mesh System (concrete technology for for sheep)

This is really just a good excuse for me to post a sheep photo on the website!…  I’ve been sent a booklet (frustratingly undated) detailing “Lock Woven Mesh and its Practical Application in Reinforced Concrete and Fire-Resiting Construction”, published by George F West and CO of Caxton House Westminster.   This gives tables to work out how much load can by carried by structures built using the compny’s system of reinforcement tied together with “machine-made knots” before delivery to site.    Along with photographs of bridges, culverts and gantries, there are views of Messrs Alexander and Co’s new garage in Edinburgh and the foundations of a maternity hospital in Penang.

And the last photo is of some very privileged sheep, whose fencing has been constructed from this superior modern product.   One seems to be trying to ping the “black steel wire of the highest grade”.

(Thanks to Chris Garrand for this, much appreciated!)


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