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Rapello Modern

Love this hotel on the sea front at Rapello (Northern Italian resort just along the coast from Genova).  Quite a lot of the buildings in the town have similar ceramic panels (which I think are great) but this building stands out for its amazing balconies.    From its website I gather the following:  “in 1931, Mr. Luigi Pola,… passionate hotelier and restaurateur,…  fell in love with Rapallo and bought the guest-house Lido” right on the sea front.  He had one go at rebuilding before the war, and then, “ in 1957 finally, Mr. Pola, supported by the valuable assistance of his wife Lotte Steinel, decided that the old Guest House Lido, was to become a cutting edge structure for the time. The result was a kind of extreme-design three-storey tower, different from all the buildings of the period for the very innovative forms and materials.”

I wish I knew more about the architect, and who made the panels too.


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