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Sellotape with London skyline
London skyline printed on sticking tape

Sticky buildings

We love this sticky tape (top left, ) .  It’s a present from our neighbour Clem, here in the office.  She runs SAVE, and knew Henrietta our Casework Adviser needed cheering up after the decision not to list Seifert’s No.1 Croydon.

Bought from a pop-up shop round the corner on Clerkenwell Green, it features  Croydon’s finest C20 building…(slightly squashed detail top right).  Very hansom and extremely cool.

You can buy yourself some here.   It comes from an outfit called Tobyboo, which was set up by Tina Crawford, who original comes from Croydon.   Tina trained as a jewellery designer, then worked in TV, and now sketches with her sewing machine,  completely free hand (or “free machine”, perhaps), with no markings or drawing before hand.   Some products are textiles, but lots are not–they just celebrate the lovely wobbly lines and the hanging threads you get doing this.

She also does London (bottom left), Glasgow and Manchester: all gorgeous.  If you like your lines a bit less wobbly, then Cecily Vessey may suit you better .  She has a more international focus and does London (bottom right) , Paris and New York, based on pen sketches.

What better demonstration of a building’s fame and beauty can there be than endorsement such as this? lets hope DCMS/EH take note.   (now….BACK TO WORK…!)





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