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Campaigning for outstanding buildings

Liverpool Cathedral
Lee Valley Water Company
San Fransisco metro station (he did several)
inside the Curzon cinema, Mayfair

Bill Mitchell

Don’t miss the chance to come and hear Bill Mitchell speak next Tuesday at the RIBA.   It will be great fun.   In the 60s Bill  was on Tomorrow’s World and Saturday Night at the London Palladium charismatically demonstrating how to carve concrete blocks with a sandblasting kit.  I’ve dragged family and friends to see his work all over the place (including a trip right round the Kidderminster ring road–fabulous retaining wall with built in fountains) and despite extreme scepticism before hand everyone has been converted….

We’ve got several examples of Bill’s work listed, including this massive wall at the Lee Valley Water Company Offices, and we’re seeing his doors at Liverpool Cathedral on our AGM trip, (tragically his podium outside Swiss Cottage Library where we were last year was demolished–remember that?) .  Bill is going to talk about how he was invited to work in Qatar and San Francisco, and tell all about the Cement and Concrete Association (training courses involving plenty of alcohol and novel techniques with polystyrene and heat-distorted fridge panels)

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