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Castlegate Campaign Update

We have just heard some bad news about Castlegate Tower from the C20 Yorks regional group, who have been campaigning hard to save it. Coordinator Andrew Jackson reports: “We received a letter last week from Councillor Leigh Bramall following our meeting with him, which rejects the C20 argument to save the tower. The letter confirms that Sheffield City Council is pressing ahead with demolition of the whole market, including the tower, as soon as possible.

This is extremely disappointing news, but we always knew we were up against it, especially after our fresh listing application was refused. It’s especially sad as there are still no detailed plans for the site. Since the Council’s Heritage Lottery Fund bid was turned down, we know there isn’t any money to carry out an archaeological dig to establish if there are actually any castle ruins down there. Sheffield deserves better than this ‘demolish first, make plans later’ approach to regeneration, and we will continue to question the Council about their lack of plans and the cost of demolition.

Despite this bad news a lot of good has come from our campaign in a very short space of time. Researching and submitting a listing application, producing new environmental analysis about why the building should be saved, creating fantastic new images of how the tower could look, getting strong press coverage both locally and regionally, securing a site visit, and meeting with the Council to present our case is no mean feat – and a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone for your help and support. We now want to create a website to document our photos, old and new drawings, environmental analysis, and all the architectural documents we found. Please get in touch if you could help with this.”

In January the group will be arranging a meeting to discuss C20 Yorkshire’s plans for 2015 so do go along and get involved if you are based in the area. Please also get in touch if you have any suggestions for causes and initiatives they can support or get involved with, new campaigns, or buildings and places to visit.


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