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Brno Exhibition Hall © Alan Ainsworth
Turkish mosque © Alan Ainsworth

What will you enter to the C20 photo competition?

I am always looking at photographic competitions and resolving to enter them, but I never seem to get around to sending in images. It’s probably that, as an architectural photographer, I spend so much time  taking photos and editing them that I don’t leave myself space to do personal things like enter competitions. I know that I should but…well, you know how it is.

Last year I did, however, enter one competition and that was the C20 Society’s annual Harry Page Photographic competition. It was one competition that I though worthwhile because the members are knowledgeable and most are used to looking at architectural shots. So I was pleased to get a couple of images placed in the competition.

I’d like to encourage everyone to enter the competition and to be adventurous in their choices. I’ll certainly try to select some entries for this year’s competition and put in a few images which are out of the ordinary. The first shot above is one that I took on a C20 trip to Brno recently. The exhibition halls there are extraordinary but I was captivated by a shot from outside the main hall, looking through the grid of an opaque window to capture figures in silhouette and the spiral staircase snaking down, turning the light and shadows of the halls into a indistinct blur. This is a shot which I feel says a lot about the design of the structure even if it isn’t a classic architectural image.

Perhaps you could provide entries of buildings that don’t often figure in architectural photography? I spent a really interesting week last year photographing mosques in Turkey and was fascinated by the patterns which the ceiling decorations, domes and the arches form. Here’s one from that trip.

So do make a point of entering your favourite photos from the last year in the C20 competition. Whatever you choose, best of luck!

Alan Ainsworth
Alan recently gave a lecture for C20 on his latest book The Barbican: Architecture and Light

The 2015 C20 Harry Page Photo Competition closes on 29 October, and the winner will be announced on the final evening of the Autumn lecture series on 3 December.



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