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Chigwell Convent Chapel listed

Chigwell Convent Chapel

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The Twentieth Century Society welcomes the news that this Chapel has been listed at Grade II as a work by an important Edwardian architect which has been enhanced by the later re-ordering and additions. Originally designed by Leonard Stokes in 1910-11, was re-fitted in 1968 by the renowned architectural practice of Weightman and Bullen, highly regarded for its post-war Roman Catholic churches in northern Britain. Their work displays a deep understanding of the changes in the liturgy that were to have such an enormous impact on church architecture in the post-war period. Their scheme includes a new square altar which is particularly effective as the Chapel features two naves, one for the nuns and one for the school children and a shared sanctuary. Weightman and Bullen’s use of a more overt display of opulence draws attention to the sanctuary as the most significant part of the building. The Society considers this ensemble to be a rare and important example of a successful re-ordering by this important architectural practice whose work deserves greater recognition.


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