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Goodbye from our Caseworker Grace Etherington

A particularly fun site visit to London Zoo

Some people may have read that I’m leaving in July’s e-newsletter, or have seen that we’re recruiting. I’m going to be moving to Edinburgh in early September to start a PhD so I will be leaving C20 after three years as a volunteer and caseworker. Since joining the team I’ve learnt a huge amount about the varied and amazing architecture that the Society specialises in, and I’ve been grateful for the chance to explore the country, visiting lots of interesting places and meeting some inspiring people. Although it’s easy to dwell on the lost cases, I know I have contributed to the progress we have made in protecting and celebrating outstanding architecture from the past century. I hope my future research will contribute towards the same goal, as I will be working with Historic Environment Scotland and the Edinburgh College of Art to research architecture in Scotland between 1975 and 2005. At this very early stage I’m interested to learn about how Scottish national identity was interpreted through architecture at the end of the twentieth century, particularly in relation to urban regeneration and post-industrial redevelopment, but I’m also looking forward to seeing where my research takes me (geographically as well as in subject matter!). Despite the unexpected challenges and distance of recent months, the enduring camaraderie and support from staff, trustees, volunteers, members and supporters will make it very hard to say goodbye.


6 responses to “Goodbye from our Caseworker Grace Etherington”

  1. Diana Coulter says:

    Hi Grace, You will be much missed. You were always helpful and thoughtful to us volunteers, and so patient. But how exciting to be studying in Edinburgh and researching such an interesting and challenging topic. Good luck with your PhD. With all good wishes, Diana

  2. Alice Eggeling says:

    Good luck Grace, it has been a pleasure working with you on different projects. You’ll always be welcome at Cowcross Street.

  3. Sad you’re going Grace, and sad too to see the image of the Penguin Pool without penguins. One finds it had to believe it is so damaging that discreet reversible modifications could not be made to bring it up to date and to enable penguins to be reintroduced. Glad to see the external shot of the coloured glass screen at Trellick Tower, complete with the inauthentic loovres in the vertical left hand panel. Originally that was solid, and should be now! Good Luck!

  4. Dear Grace

    Speaking for the Farnham Public Art Trust we are naturally disappointed you are leaving the C20 Society but is there any chance you could please point us in the direction of where we could discover the provenance of the four Woolmead Development, Farnham, Surrey sent to you recently by the Coordinator. Or could someone else help us within the Society? We look forward to hearing from you but also wish you well with your move to Edinburgh. Ella

  5. Mark Swenarton says:

    Very sorry to see you go Grace. It was a pleasure to work with you and you were 5-star in every respect.

    All the best with the PhD – we will all await with great interest the results of your research!

  6. David Thomas says:

    Well done Grace and good luck with the PhD. C20 will be struggling without your all round knowledge, enthusiasm and willingness to help.

    (We didn’t buy the narrow house)

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