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My C20 Detail book to be published in December

The entrance of Westfield House, occupying 87 Division Street, Sheffield

Johny Pitts

What do the ‘delightful bronze brackets’ in a London furniture store, a ‘triangular-coffered ceiling’ in a Los Angeles residence, a ‘drainpipe in a block of flats’ in Florence, a ‘wet riser outlet/pressure regulating valve’ in every lift-lobby of the Barbican Estate, and the ‘space-age numbers’ in the entrance of a building in Sheffield have in common?

They all feature in MyC20Detail, a publication due this December that all C20 members will receive for free, instead of the third issue of our magazine, C20.

What began as a small project – and a hashtag #MyC20Detail – on our Instagram account to cheer us up at the beginning of the first lockdown soon became something much more significant. At a time when many of us found a local walk part of a radically transformed daily routine, these images celebrated the pleasure to be found in looking closely at local buildings.

Soon, however, the contributions also encompassed buildings and objects people remembered; they captured details of places no longer accessible or even existing, and brought reminders of easier travelling times. Thanks to the generosity and kindness of our 50 contributors – not to mention their discerning eye – MyC20Detail has become an inspiring and deeply personal account of how these features, so varied in size and function, can affect our understanding of C20 architecture and design.

More information soon on how to purchase the book if you are not a member.


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