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Brutwax candlemakers to donate 10% of profits to C20 Society

Keeping the lights on for Brutalism

Credit: Brutwax

Brutwax, a London based company, creating hand-poured candles and other products with a focus on Brutalist aesthetics have announced that they will be donating 10% of their profits to C20 Society. We would like to thank Jamie and his team for considering C20’s casework as a cause to support. He has said: “we are incredibly proud to support C20 Society to help conserve the worlds irreplaceable Brutalist treasures. By committing to this, we attempt to help protect the very thing that inspired the product.” Their products take inspiration from the forms, textures and materials of Brutalist architecture and apply them to everyday home decor.

Each candle is hand-poured using an all natural wax, with a crackling wooden wick, and comes with a hand-poured and hand finished base, using a specially formulated, high strength concrete. The candles are around 160mm tall and weigh roughly 750g.

They have just launched a Kickstarter campaign which you can contribute to here.

Note: the money raised through the Kickstarter campaign will not be donated to charity. This campaign is to help raise funds for the start-ups initial production costs.

Brutalist architecture inspired hand-poured candle

Photo: George Higham for Brutwax (2021)


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