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Corbusierhaus Berlin, courtesy Michael Dant

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Corbusierhaus, Berlin

Sleeps: 3


Architect: Le Corbusier

Sleeps: 3

Brutalist monument to the rebuilding of post war Germany.


In 1957 Le Corbusier was invited by the Berlin government to participate in an international building exhibition to help re-model the city after the ravages of World War II.

In the wake of his successful Unité d’Habitation housing concept in France, the Swiss architect was invited to design something similar in Berlin. Due to the size of the new residential unit, it was unable to fit into the Hansaviertel quarter, where the exhibition took place and instead was sited on a small hill near the Olympic stadium on the edge of Grunewald Forest The construction phase lasted from 1956 to 1958, and like many high-rise buildings from this era, the complex is made from prefabricated rough-cast concrete, with colourful exteriors mirroring those of its French predecessor.  530 apartments are spread across multiple floors, containing anywhere from one to five rooms. The building has been listed since 1966. There is a small cafe on site and a laundry room in the Corbusierhaus.  It is not far from the S-Bahn station Olympic Stadium and just 20 minutes to the city centre.


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