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C20 West Group – Cheltenham visit Saturday 4th March 2017

Not usually celebrated for its modern architecture, the genteel former spa town of Cheltenham does have some interesting examples of 20th Century design. These include some fine contemporary houses, public buildings and facilities, and novel adaptations to new uses such as the conversion of an outlandishly exotic electricity substation into a hotel. Also evident is a fierce civic pride and persistence, as demonstrated by the saving of the fine Art Deco Sandford Park Lido, now run by local people. Not to mention the variously successful attempts by 20th Century architects and designers to respond to Regency and other historic contexts.

The tour will be led by 20th Century member and Cheltenham resident Douglas Stronach Ogle, and is in two parts. In the morning, a mini coach tour visiting two modern houses, the Lido and a drive past other buildings of 20th Century interest. In the afternoon a walking tour starting in Regency Montpellier and passing through the commercial part of the town. Then into the historic centre surrounding the Minster, where there are various 20th Century insertions and adaptations to new uses. After that, the walk will take in some large scale mixed use 21st Century developments, before ending at Douglas’s own house just North of the centre. The approximate distance covered by the walk is 1.5 miles.

The cost of the visit will be £20 per person, to cover hire of the mini coach, coffee and Tea.

10.00 am                   Meet at the Racecourse Park and Ride.

10.30am                    Depart for mini bus tour.

12.30am                    Transfer to Montpellier lodge for lunch (not included)

2.00 pm                    Depart for walking tour, at briskpace.

4.50pm                     Arrive Wellington Square- tea/view Douglas’ collection of furniture and modern art.

6.00pm                    Take Park & Ride bus back to Racecourse, or walk- distance approximately 1.3 miles.

The start will be 10.30am at the Racecourse Park and Ride, and the day will end by 5.00pm. It will involve a mini-coach trip in the morning, and a walking tour of the Town Centre in the afternoon. There will be a charge for the day due to use of the mini-coach, which will not include lunch.

All are welcome, including members outside the West Group but numbers will be limited and bookings will be on a first come basis. If you are interested in the day please contact C20 West Group Events  Secretary Jack Konynenburg at