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C20 Society seeks Head of Operations

The C20 Society is seeking a Head of Operations, who will be responsible for providing the coordinated management and administration of the Society, which campaigns for the conservation of post 1914 architecture and design, including Art Deco and Neo Georgian buildings as well as Brutalist and Post-Modern ones. C20 Society is a member organisation and a charity, with a specific role as a National Amenity Society. Although the post is part-time, at three days per week, the role is challenging and wide ranging. It therefore requires someone who can take a broad, strategic overview of the administration of the Society, as well as ensuring that detailed administrative and financial procedures are in place and work effectively and efficiently. The post reports to the Director, and will be supported by a team of volunteers. The Society is based in Farringdon, London.


The Twentieth Century Society has a paid staff of five full and part-time employees under the overall management of the Director, Catherine Croft. They are supported by a substantial and willing body of volunteers, both in and outside the office. In addition, the Trustees of the Society, acting in a volunteer capacity, as well as in their roles as Honorary Officers, provide a key supportive role in the operational and business management of the Society.

The Society has a national and international reputation in the conservation of and promotion of interest in post-1914 architecture and design. It is a National Amenity Society and statutory consultee under the Planning Acts on proposals for the alteration or demolition of listed buildings from this period. The core business of the Society is casework and campaigning in this field, led on a day to day basis by the Director and two Conservation Advisors. The Director is responsible to the Board of Trustees for the management of casework, as well as the promotion of the Society’s aims and objectives, fundraising, publications and event management, working closely with Trustees and outside agencies. In performing this core role, the Society is supported by an administrative, financial and resource management function. This involves the management of all core administrative activities, including: financial and budgetary management; human resource management; information technology; communications with and development of the Society’s membership; and supporting the Society’s events, fundraising and publishing programmes. Increasing pressure on casework and demands for campaigning, partnership working and fundraising are stretching the Society’s resources and are requiring ever more effective budgetary and administrative management.

The Society is now seeking to strengthen this management function by the appointment of an experienced Head of Operations, who will be responsible for providing the coordinated management and administration of the Society. The person appointed will be responsible to the Director and will be required to support her in reporting to Trustees on his /her field of operation. He or she will need to work closely with the Honorary Treasurer in respect of budgeting and other financial matters and, in some circumstances, will be required to report directly to Trustees. Although the post is part-time at three days per week, the role is wide ranging. It therefore requires someone who can take a broad, strategic overview of the administration of the Society, as well as ensuring that detailed administrative and financial procedures are in place and work effectively and efficiently. The Head of Operations will be supported by a team of volunteers. He or she will work closely with a Volunteer Coordinator, a Media and Development Manager and the Director. A strong teamwork ethic is therefore essential in this role.

Job Description 

Purpose of Job 

  1. To support the Trustees and the Director in delivering the Society’s objectives through the efficient operational, financial and administrative management of the Society.
  2. To ensure the effective and efficient management of all administrative functions of the Society, including governance, general financial administration, human resource management, and information technology. 
  3. To provide efficient, effective and responsive support to the membership of the Society and its Regional Groups in conjunction with the Hon. Membership Secretary and the Regional Groups Coordinator, and to support initiatives to increase the membership and reach of the Society through campaigns and events.
  4. To provide administrative support to ensure the maintenance of efficient and responsive communications with outside organisations and media.

Main Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Support the Trustees and the Director in developing and implementing the Society’s Business Plan, and monitoring progress. 
  2. Manage and monitor the Society’s financial and accounting systems, matching expenditure against programmed budgets, in conjunction with the Honorary Treasurer and the Director.
  3. Report to Trustees on matters in his/her field of operation as appropriate.
  4. Support the Trustees, the Hon. Secretary and the Director in ensuring that the Society maintains an appropriate governance framework, in line with Charity Commission and Companies House requirements.
  5. Efficiently and effectively manage, supervise and develop the Society’s office and administrative resources, including both staff and volunteers (but excluding Caseworkers and casework volunteers); manage office equipment and office space, including filing, library and archive resources; and maintain a safe and tidy workplace consistent with health and safety requirements.
  6. Ensure adequate arrangements (in accordance with policies set by the Trustees from time to time) to deal in an efficient, effective and timely manner with public, membership and event enquiries, and ensure Press enquiries are directed to the Director and Caseworkers in a clear and timely manner.
  7. Develop and maintain good human resources practice in relation to the Society’s paid staff and volunteers, in line with the Society’s policies, and ensure effective staff communication and briefing. Manage and support the Volunteer Co-ordinator to ensure an efficient and effective volunteer resource.
  8. Ensure effective day to day operation of the Society’s IT systems, contribute to IT strategy and manage relationships with outsourced IT suppliers. Ensure that the Society’s databases are kept up to date.
  9. Provide administrative support to the Director and the Media and Development Manager in respect of social and other communications media, including the Society’s website.
  10. Ensure efficient and effective membership administration and communications with members, and contribute to strategies for attracting new members.
  11. Work with the Director and Regional Groups Co-ordinator in the development of Regional Groups, maintain effective and efficient communication with Regional Groups and support Regional Group Chairs and officers as appropriate.
  12. Support the Hon. Events Secretary, the Events Administrator and event organisers in the administration, programming and promotion of the Society’s events programme.
  13. Provide effective and efficient administrative and accounting support in respect of the Society’s Publications programme and its Fundraising activities.

Person Specification  

Salary £18-20,000 for 3 days per week (£30-33,000 pro rata).

Applications for this position are now closed.