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C20 Society welcomes listing of Serge Chermayeff’s own house

Chermayeff’s Bentley Wood photographed in 1938

We welcome today’s announcement by Historic England that Bentley Wood, Serge Chermayeff’s own house in Sussex, has been listed at Grade II.

The house is a rare example of the international modern style applied to timber construction in England. It received widespread critical acclaim upon its completion in 1938 and inspired the work of many architects practising in the post-war period.

Senior Caseworker Grace Etherington says “Bentley Wood’s listing has been a long time coming. It is great news that its importance has now finally been recognised, thanks in part to careful restoration carried out by the most recent owners. Rather than relying on the chance that a building falls into the hands of a conservation-minded owner, many more outstanding examples could be saved if listing criteria were to take a more relaxed approach to potentially reversible alterations. Proactive listing is the best way to set a building on the path to restoration.”

Please click here to read about Bentley Wood’s history, and why we supported its listing.

Historic England’s announcement can be read on their website, here.