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Golden Lane Estate, exterior view, childrens' playground circa 1987 (photo: © The Conway Library)

Wanted: archive colour images of Golden Lane Estate playground

We need your help to track down archive colour pictures of the Golden Lane estate, as part of a refurbishment project. The estate, which is now Grade II-listed, was designed by architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon in 1952 and was completed in the mid-60s.

The City of London Corporation is currently refurbishing the sunken playground on the estate, but old b/w photos, like the one above, don’t provide any clues as to the original colour scheme.

They’re appealing for photographs or information about how the playground looked in its glory days. So if you are a former resident of Golden Lane or the neighbouring Barbican estate (designed by the same architects), or visited the estate in the 1960s, and have any information to help ensure that the refurbishment is historically accurate please get in touch with us at