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100 Buildings 100 Years

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This year the Twentieth Century Society marks 100 years from the starting date of its coverage of British architecture in 1914.  To celebrate we have compiled this online gallery of one building from each of these years, nominated by our supporters, to show the diversity and brilliance of the architecture we protect. All 100 buildings will be featured in an exhibition at the Royal Academy, opening on 11 October, and a book published by Batsford in November. To help protect buildings like these so that they survive for the future please join C20 Society.

It is heartening to see the growing enthusiasm and support for twentieth century buildings – even some of those still regarded as more difficult to love – and we hope this is reflected in the buildings nominated to represent ‘our’ century. They are not all grand, listed icons – indeed we were keen to include good examples of vernacular building types and structures from the war years such as pre-fabs and boatyards. Above all, we asked people to nominate buildings they have a particular connection to, the ones they find fascinating or that inspire them. Not all these important buildings are still with us: an early nomination was the Firestone Factory, famously demolished over a bank holiday weekend, which was the first serious case for the Thirties Society.

You can look for buildings and the year they represent by clicking on the search box on the right hand side of the page, or on the pins on the map. The final buildings for every year from 1914 to 2013 will be added over the next couple of weeks. Each entry gives the architect and location, and the icons on the left show listing status. Where available, we have included links to more detailed online information about the building, such as the English Heritage listing description. We hope you will find some of your own favourites here and discover some new buildings too.