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You can help save our irreplaceable C20 buildings and design.

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Your passion for outstanding 20th century buildings and design gives us the power to promote and save them.

Everything we achieve, we achieve thanks to our members. They give us a forceful voice. They’re our eyes and ears, always alert to buildings and design under threat. And they ‘walk the talk’ – joining us to back campaigning action and often volunteering their time and expertise to help run the C20 Society.

Why not become a C20 society member too? Benefits include advance booking for our events, member discounts and a free copy of our regular magazine, C20. The Twentieth Century Society is also an IHBC recognised CPD provider.

Buildings at Risk

Read our latest list of the top ten most threatened buildings and designs of our period.

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Help us save the irreplaceable C20 buildings and design that still shape Britain today. Your donation will help run campaigns, identify new threats, enlist experts and raise our profile. Donations also support events and publications that build interest in post-1914 architecture across all generations and help stop demolition.

Sign a petition

We are currently campaigning to save M&S Oxford Street, the stately 1930’s flagship store of one of Britain’s most beloved retailers, who are proposing to completely demolish the building for an ill-judged new development. This environmentally damaging plan misses a huge opportunity, to set the benchmark for retrofitting and renewing tired department stores – respecting the past, while boldly embracing the future.

The campaign has so far attracted huge public and press attention, being featured in The Times, Telegraph, The Guardian, FT, Daily Mail and BBC London. Sign the petition to send a message to M&S, urging them back to the drawing board!

Save a building

Do you believe that your house or office should be listed? Are you concerned that an outstanding building in your area may be under threat? Use our practical guidelines to find out exactly what you can do to save a C20th building.

Volunteer your talent

Use your spare time and talents to help us as a valued C20 Society volunteer.

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Act local

We campaign across Britain and our regional network is growing, with seven local groups currently active. Our local groups give us eyes, ears and a powerful voice, wherever irreplaceable buildings and design are under threat. Find out what C20 Society is doing in your region.