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Camberwell Submarine to resurface

I was concerned when hoardings went up around this  local curiosity, tucked away between Camberwell and Brixton (sort of…I don’t want to get into a debate about shades of South London geography…!).  It’s a pretty awesome bit of concrete construction, blink and it does look as if it is coming down the road to meet you.  However, its actually rather prosaically nothing more sinister than  the cover for communal heating boilers for neighbouring estates which are being redeveloped.

I am pleased to say it has been put in for listing by a local enthusiast. Probably a long shot, but at least this shows that people do care (and it is certainly very subtly sculpted and detailed).  Latest news is that it is to be reused for the  rebuilt estate with the  same purpose. However this will apparently require increasing chimney heights by a whopping 4 metres—it’s clearly robust, but that’s a big ask….!


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