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Central Hill, London Borough of Lambeth

Image:  Simon Elmer/Architects for Social Housing

This high-density low-rise estate is a strong example of the important legacy of progressive public housing created by Lambeth Architect’s Department under Ted Hollamby, demonstrating the use of a variety of unit types to suit different age-groups and family sizes, complex layering of mixed size units, the spatial interest of the planning, the exploitation of natural topography, the arrangement of blocks to create a genuine community, the provision of private patios and balconies to give residents privacy, the simple robust detailing of the architecture, and the integration of community and welfare buildings. Lead architect Rosemary Stjernstedt was one of the pioneering female architects of the time. The decision to turn down C20 Society’s application for listing places one of London’s most exceptional and progressive post-war housing estates in a hugely vulnerable position.

Status: Still at risk

Buildings at risk

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