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Channel 4 Headquarters, Westminster

Status: Grade II listed (April 2023)

Channel 4 Headquarters, Westminster – Richard Rogers (1994)

Image: RHSP

Channel 4 Headquarters, Westminster – Richard Rogers (1994)

Risk: Redevelopment or alteration

The Channel 4 Headquarters (1992-94) at 124 Horseferry Road, Westminster, is undoubtedly one of Richard Rogers’ most significant public commissions in the UK. As with the Lloyds building, its services and structural elements are externally expressed to dramatic effect, with two four storey wings meeting at a full height atrium in curved curtain-walled glass – believed to be the first of its type in the UK. The building contains primarily office space and there is only one studio, as most of the channels output is produced by independent programme makers. The design projects the perceived character of the broadcaster: innovative, socially aware and willing to take risks.

In an effort to regionally rebalance their culture and output, Channel 4 announced in 2019 it was moving its national headquarters to a new base in Leeds. While the London office was retained for commercial staff, the decision heightened speculation that this landmark building may be at risk. While the Government has since shelved their intention to sell-off Channel 4, press reports have suggested that the Westminster offices could be among the first assets to be sold in the event of a future privatisation, with a valuation upwards of £100 million for the super-prime site.

C20 has strongly supported the listing of the broadcaster’s former headquarters, but as yet no decision has been reached and without listing the building remains vulnerable to alteration or redevelopment.

How to help: Support our listing application for the Channel 4 headquarters by writing to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport ( saying you think it is a building of architectural and historic interest.


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